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My Tarot Mom is an Intuitive Tarot Reader
Guiding People To Love, Joy, and Success

Career  |  Health  |  Money  |  Relationships
Tarot Readings, Candle Prayers, House Clearings

Have A Tarot Reading With Marcia

You can come to my home downtown Estes Park where I read your cards and also light a prayer candle for you; or we can meet at Raven's Roast in Estes Park where I do a special rate with the only opportunity to book me for increments less than an hour. 20% goes to the Pet Association of Estes Park; or I can do the same while you are comfy at your home with a virtual Zoom reading. Your Happiness & Comfort are of utmost importance.

My Journey



Many people refer to me as their second mom and guidance counselor. One of my greatest goals in life is to serve others. Tarot cards & Ceremonies are tools for me to shine light & heal your journey so you can choose the paths you want to take. 


I do QiGong, chant, and meditate prior to reading for you. I light your prayer candle and focus on you and your guides. My readings are filled with positivity and love. My energy elevates, it’s like a wonderful workout for me – where you get positive results. 


I believe that we are infinite souls living a human experience. Having a reading with my divination cards gives you the power to meditate on your messages and either stay the course or shift things to your advantage.


Having been a casting director for decades, I read for many people in the entertainment industry as well as business owners, hedge fund brokers, attorneys, accountants, doctors, and people in my Colorado mountain town. I read for people from all walks of life from all over the globe.


In my early teens, I would look up and say, “You know what. If you want me to believe in you, you’re going to have to prove it to me.” I was an atheist until my early 20s when a woman I didn’t know told my friend that my mother had 5 tumors in her left lung. 


Three weeks later, my mother, who was many states away, was diagnosed with lung cancer with 5 tumors. As devastating as it was, my mother’s cancer was proof of something far more powerful than myself going on in this universe. 


I had to meet that woman, and she told me I had a natural affinity for tarot. My journey began, and here I am decades later. Guiding through tarot is one of my greatest gifts.

~ XO Marcia

Come cleanse, heal & renew! Join Marcia for wonderful New Moon & Full Moon Ceremony + Meditation as she helps you release the negative aspects in your life ito create a fresh, positive, fulfilling, and loving journey. Gift bag included. Reserve your space. $26 per person (adds to the divine #8 balancing the material & spiritual aspects of our experience). See Calendar below for Dates.

Full & New Moon

Ceremony + Meditation

Marcia's Candle Prayer Altar

Candle for Recently Passed Soul

  Availability for retreats, weddings, family reunions, events, & parties. 

My Tarot Mom's Offerings

Via zoom or in-person at my Estes Park home.


Includes one Prayer Candle lit at the time of your reading with messages shared during or after reading.

20% goes to the charity Support + Feed in your honor.

1 Hour: US$85


1.5 Hour: US$125


2 Hours: US$160


Daily prayer candle with picture/video when a message is received.

I light prayer candles for tragedies across our world. Candle Donations are always welcome. Please, email me for specifications and address.


Thank you ~ Marcia

1 Day: US$5


3 Days: US$15


7 Days: US$30


1 Month: US$100

Multi Months: TBD

Prayer Candles

This is very intensive and takes usually anywhere from 3-8 hours, depending on the size of the space.


I clear the space of negative energies to create a positive, loving, prosperous, and healthy living environment. This includes energy & prayer work, native smudge sticks, and various candles. 

Estes Park, CO & within 2 hr vicinity up to 2500 sq ft: US$500

Further destinations up to 2500 sq ft: US$1000 + Travel Expenses


Larger Areas: Dependent upon size

House Clearing

Google Reviews

I highly recommend Marcia for readings. She's been doing my cards for over a decade and I've always enjoyed our time together. She is so insightful, comforting, positive and realistic. Spot on with her interpretations and fore sight into the next few months. She definitely has a gift and truly enjoys sharing it with others. Her integrity and authenticity is very apparent from the moment you meet her. You wont regret the time you share with her.

I did my first ever tarot card reading with Marcia and it honestly blew my expectations out of the water. I was hesitant to do a reading in the first place but I am so so happy I moved forward with it solely because of Marcia. She led the session with such a positive spiritual healing energy and I could feel my walls come down as the session played out. Her insights were spot on but also so encouraging and positive. I left the session feeling more aligned with intention and full of new clarity. I also felt lighter and more in touch with my angels. Marcia is so wise and in tune with this! Highly recommend. 10/10

Truly enjoyed and am grateful for my reading with Marcia! It was easy to be calm and feel open to receiving the reading because Marcia is just a comforting and warm person to be around. Everything she spoke about truly resonated with me. I highly recommend a reading for anyone looking for some guidance and clarity, or even if you're just in need of a little support.

20% readings donated to:

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